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Amos 6:3- Hebrew vs. Greek

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This study examines a translational discrepancy in Amos 6:3 between the Hebrew text and the Greek rendering in the Septuagint. In the original Hebrew, the term שֶׁבֶת חָמָס (shevet hamas) conveys the notion of a “throne of violence” or “seat of oppression,” symbolizing a judicial seat utilized for unjust purposes. Rooted in the verb שׁבת (shavat), denoting sitting or dwelling, the term aligns with Amos’s broader critique of leadership during a period of affluence and moral decay. However, the Greek translation introduces σάββατον(sabbaton), denoting the Sabbath day, resulting in an interpretation emphasizing a “false Sabbath” and deviating from the original focus on oppressive leadership. This misinterpretation may stem from attempts to harmonize with related passages or cultural nuances. The study highlights challenges in cross-linguistic and cross-cultural biblical translation, emphasizing the potential for misreadings by translators contributing to the Septuagint.


Amos 6:3, Septuagint Biblical Translation, Greek Rendering, שֶׁבֶת חָמָס (shevet hamas), Throne of Violence, Sabbath

The different translations to Greek


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