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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Balaq – Learn Torah

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This week’s torah portion, Balaq (Balak) contains the very first occurrence of the word Satan in the bible.  Listen as Yoel explains the history of the word and the character.

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Hebrew In Israel | Heaven And Hell – Learn Torah


Does the Tanakh present a Devil and Demons who act without God’s permission?  Satan, Evil Spirits, Zoroastrianism, Sheol, Gehinnom and Samuel’s Spirit make their appearance in this discussion with Jono Vandor of Truth2U.org.

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Hebrew In Israel | Who Are You, Belial? – Learn Torah

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The title of this article, Who are you, Belial?, is more of a sarcastic question.  The reason I say sarcastic is because my understanding is that most ideas regarding titles such as Belial have an historical background and have nothing to do with theological/mythological principles.  Shamai Glander suggested in his book on Genesis that the torah and the tanakh are anti-mythological and usually retell the stories known to other nations, such as the flood and creation narratives, by eliminating the mythological element and providing a more monotheistic principle without the demons and the monsters.  


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