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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Shemot – Learn Torah

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We present midrashic, historic, archaeological and cultural aspects to several points in this week’s Torah Portion Shemot (names).

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Hebrew In Israel | Blood Groom – Learn Torah

Exodus 4:24-26 tells of a very bizarre action taken by Tzipporah toward Moshe.  Yoel presents possible explanations from academic sources in our weekly group Bible Class from Aug 9, 2015.
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Hebrew In Israel | Houses: Exodus 1:21 – Learn Torah

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In many cases when studying the Hebrew bible, we find words which do not fit into the regular interpretation of dictionary value.  It is not uncommon that we find ourselves looking up a word, but are unable to interpret it correctly.  Even when we try to use grammar and context, we find ourselves looking at a partial meaning of what is actually being said.


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