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Hebrew In Israel | 1 Samuel, Part 9 – Learn Torah

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“The Spirit of God fell on Sha’ul when he heard this; blazing furiously with anger…”

Chapter 11 of 1Samuel gives us the positive side of having a king. Why was the first king of Israel still plowing his own field? And where did the people of Jabesh-Gilead come from when they were nearly wiped out in the book of Judges? Does this story depict atonement for the Levite and his concubine in Judges 19? Join us for Part 9 in our Samuel Series.

Hebrew In Israel | 1 Samuel, Part 8 – Learn Torah

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“Then Sh’mu’el took a flask of oil he had prepared and poured it on Sha’ul’s head.”

We begin with talks about whether the prophets used astrology, and whether women should wear tzitzit, then we dive into 1 Samuel 10 where Shaul is anointed as leader and prophesies. Why was he anointed from a clay vessel rather than a horn of oil?

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Hebrew In Israel | Haftarah Qorach – Learn Torah

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“When you saw that Nachash the king of the people of ‘Amon was attacking you, you said to me, “No, we want a king to rule over us” — when YHWH your God was your king.”

The prophet Shmu’el (Samuel) gives a speech to the people at the end of his life as Shaul (Saul) is inaugurated as Israel’s first earthly King.  Yoel walks us through the Hebrew text and introduces us to the motif of speeches in the bible and kingship in Israel in Haftarah Qorach.

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Hebrew In Israel | Saul: Judge or King? – Learn Torah

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One of the problems facing historians is the transition from one era of history to another.  The seam between points in time creates in some cases hybrid points which become a point of contention between historians over the definition of things.  


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