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Hebrew In Israel | Judges Part 5 – Learn Torah

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Gideon’s tiny army is marked by a conspicuous lack of weaponry.  Yoel and Jono discuss the procedures used to sift through the troops and follow Gideon through his victory and retirement in chapters 7 & 8 of the book of Judges.

Hebrew In Israel | Judges Part 4 – Learn Torah

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Gideon’s account is the first expanded, detailed one of the judges of Israel.  His story begins in chapter 6.

Hebrew In Israel | Judges Part 3 – Learn Torah

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Israel’s oppression is relieved when Sisera’s army is defeated and he receives a tent peg through his temples.  Jono and Yoel discuss Devorah; judge and prophetess of Israel, and what we need to know about Hebrew root words and songs in the bible. 

Hebrew In Israel | Judges Part 2 – Learn Torah

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Othniel and left-handed Ehud’s assassination of the very “healthy” Eglon are recounted in Chapter 3, after a listener’s question about the minyan (10-man congregation) & women praying aloud.

Hebrew In Israel | Judges Part 1 – Learn Torah

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Yoel and Jono begin the tumultuous book of Judges with the first two chapters, discussing Caleb, the Philistines and what happens when you don’t kick your enemy out of the land.


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