Hebrew In Israel

Hebrew In Israel is dedicated to teaching the general public concepts of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical studies.

We offer online classes in Hebrew and Biblical studies in a flexible and dynamic system to fit the needs of the individual student. We do our best to search for the best information on Hebrew, Biblical studies, Biblical history, Archeology and more from verified and trustworthy sources. We also conduct our own research and publish them on the site.

Start learning basic and advanced concepts of Biblical Hebrew from a university accredited teacher- degree in History of Antiquity and Biblical Studies (Open University of Israel). Look into the articles on the page. Be exposed to the amazing world of the Bible from its Hebrew and near eastern setting. Learn how to read and work on your understanding of one of the oldest text in the world still in use to this very day.We offer videos on specific text, history of the Bible, Biblical law, narrative, poetry and more.

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From Israel,
Yoel Halevi