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Hebrew In Israel | Marriage In The ANE – Learn Torah


What was the legal structure of marriage in the ancient world?  Here I discuss the basic ideas about marriage, and demonstrate from several texts what we know was done.  I go into what was probably legally considered marriage in ancient Israel.

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Hebrew In Israel | Malkitsedeq – Learn Torah

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Who is Malkitsedeq and what is the possible history that created the “order of Malkitsedeq”. This is an historical overview of the documents we have about this person.  This history is strongly linked to the 2nd temple and the sectarian argument.  By no means is this an attack on anyone, but I think that very little information is out there about how this concept came to be.

Hebrew In Israel | Hazor – Learn Torah

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From Hebrew In Israel on YouTube; A visit to the biblical city of Hazor which is mentioned in the book of Joshua.

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Hebrew In Israel | Biblical Tekhelet – Learn Torah

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New findings from Timn’a have shown a plant-based dye for blue and red.  This discovery sheds more light on the substances used for the dying process in the land of Israel.


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