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Hebrew In Israel | Miqveh – Learn Torah


Where does the practice of baptism come from?  Yoel walks us through its history explaining the linguistic, biblical, and cultural factors of ritual washing and purity from Genesis to the time of Yeshua and into today.

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Hebrew In Israel | Blood Groom – Learn Torah

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Exodus 4:24-26 tells of a very bizarre action taken by Tzipporah toward Moshe.  Yoel presents possible explanations from academic sources in our weekly group Bible Class from Aug 9, 2015.
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Hebrew In Israel | Hoshea Part 15 – Learn Torah

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Jeff and Yoel discuss the return to Eden; role and types of prophets, including Joel’s promise of sons and daughters prophesying, and holding the blessings and curses by faith and tangibility in this combined broadcast of parashat Bechukotai and Hoshea chapter 11.

book of hosea, hosea, hosea 11, hosea and gomer, hosea bible, hosea meaning, prophet hosea

Hebrew In Israel | Hoshea Part 14 – Learn Torah

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“Will we ever learn anything?”  In chapters 9-11, Yoel and Jeff discuss Israel’s separation from the blessings of God, Ethiopian Jews, discrimination, integration & unity.  Also, the depth of the metaphors for Israel and how we make excuses for our behavior and refuse to turn around.

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Hebrew In Israel | The New Moon Conundrum – Learn Torah

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Yoel presents the history behind the new moon conundrum and the Hillel II calendar.  Should we use calculations, the dark moon, the sighted moon?  Who has biblical authority regarding the calendar and what about the Enoch calendar? 

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Hebrew In Israel | Hoshea Part 13 – Learn Torah

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In Chapter 8, Jeff and Yoel examine the gender shift in metaphors for Israel, the types of covenant language, where authority comes from, and idolatry amongst the people of God then and now.

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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Miqets – Learn Torah

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Joseph’s story gives us several nuggets worthy of examination in this week’s Torah Portion, Miqets (at the end).

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Hebrew In Israel | Heaven And Hell – Learn Torah

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Does the Tanakh present a Devil and Demons who act without God’s permission?  Satan, Evil Spirits, Zoroastrianism, Sheol, Gehinnom and Samuel’s Spirit make their appearance in this discussion with Jono Vandor of Truth2U.org.

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Hebrew In Israel | Hoshea Part 12 – Learn Torah

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Jeff and Yoel discuss what makes a person a REAL leader and how do we choose good leaders for our gatherings; YHVH’s profound message to Israel in Chapter 7; and also How do we know if a leader is anointed by God?

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Hebrew In Israel | History Of Hanukkah – Learn Torah

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Join Yoel as he explains the source materials and the historical framework behind Hanukkah, the reason for the rebellion, and the reason for the anti-religious decrees in Israel when it was not done elsewhere.

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