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Hebrew In Israel | Peace of Jerusalem – Learn Torah

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One of the most common verses on FB is the following from Psalms 122:6:

שאלו שלום ירושלם, ישליו אהביך
“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, those who love you shall be at peace”
Like many of the discussions I have about verses, there are several questions about the correct translation of individual words.  Besides the questionable translations I see for the second part of the verse, we also have a case of contextual translation in the first word of the verse.

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Hebrew In Israel | Compassion/Rachamim – Learn Torah

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A word which keeps on coming up in conversation with friends and students is the רחמים- Rachamim -mercy/compassion from the root רחם.  What is interesting about this word is, that the root is used in other Semitic languages such as Aramaic and can mean “to love”.  As always we have to be very carful in comparing words, but I still find it interesting that compassion and love have a close relationship.  Even if the ח is historically different in these two words, we can still find a connection between them.

Hebrew In Israel |Danel and Daniel- Ezekiel 14 – Learn Torah

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I was going over the book of Yechezkel (Ezekiel) today and I have always wanted to share the following thing.  In chapter 14 there are three people mentioned:  Noach, Iyov (Job), and Daniel.  When we think about it, all three are righteous men who lived in the past but one of them is not who we think he is.  Daniel is not the famous Daniel from the book with the same title but another person with the same name.

Hebrew In Israel | Ink – Learn Hebrew Online

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The Hebrew word for Ink-דיו-Dyo is a common word which appears in several Semitic languages.  One opinion (Lambedin) argues that it is actually derived from an Egyptian word “rith” which is argued to be the original for of Dyo which should be Ryo.  This is argued based on the physical resemblance between the Hebrew letters ד-ר which many do confuse.

Hebrew In Israel | Gifts and Offerings – Learn Torah

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An interesting thing about Biblical Hebrew is the specific use of words.  We are mostly exposed to the limited vernacular of Hebrew and the multiple meanings words may have.  However, in some cases we actually have specific words which are distinguishable in meaning from others. 

Hebrew In Israel | Keruv-Cherub – Learn Torah

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What Are They?

Much debate exists about the shape and nature of the Cherubs mentioned in the Bible.  They were featured on the ark, the tabernacle and the temple.  However, commentators and scholars have debated what they were, and with the findings made in time, we have a better picture of what they might have looked like.  The Talmud Sukkah 5b describes the cherubs as children, stating “What is the derivation of cherub?- R. Abbahu said, ‘Like a child’, for in Babylon they call a child Rabia.”  This interpretation has led to many artistic depictions of childlike cherubs.  However, this depiction is misleading and does not belong to the artistic world of the Bible and the ancient near east.  To find the correct meaning of the word we must look at the linguistic possibilities which exist. 

Hebrew In Israel | Be A Real Man-Gever and Gibor – Learn Torah

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There is an old saying in Jewish sources:
איזהו גיבור? הכובש את יצרו
Eyzhe Hu Gibor? Hakovesh Et Ytsro
Who is a hero? He who overcomes his will.

Hebrew In Israel | Place a Heart- Ancient Idiom – Learn Torah

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An ancient idiomatic expression found also in Hebrew is
לשים לב
Lasim Lev
“To place the heart”

Hebrew In Israel | Aramaic and Hebrew in contact #3: Consonant Changes – Learn Torah

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In this article I want to demonstrate the changes which happen between related languages.  I will use the word for snow to do this.
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Hebrew In Israel | Oral Torah Excerpt – Learn Torah

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This is an excerpt from the first episode of my Oral Torah series on Talking Torah Round Table with Jeff Gilbert, explaining what the Israelites understood that other nations did not.

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