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Hebrew In Israel | Kosher – Blood and Fat – Learn Torah

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Recorded by Jono Vandor of

Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages 2 – Learn Torah

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Join us in this series from, as Yoel and Jeff Gilbert explore the history and usage of the Oral Torah.  This week in Part 2, hear about the “beautiful mess” in the second temple period and the levels of disharmony that prevailed during the prophet Jeremiah’s time until the Hasmonian period.

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Hebrew In Israel | Malqosh – Learn Torah

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This week I woke up to a rainy day which is expected at the beginning of Spring here in Israel.  This rain, if it is the last of the season, is known as the מַלְקוֹשׁ-Malqosh.  We can find this meaning in Deuteronomy 11:14 where the text uses the merism יוֹרֶה וּמַלְקוֹשׁ to indicate the first and last rainfall.  

Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages 1 – Learn Torah

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Join us in this series from, as Yoel and Jeff Gilbert explore the history and usage of the Oral Torah.  In this first episode, entitled “The Oral Torah, Truth and Tradition”, we discuss the history of Jerusalem around the time of the Jerusalem Talmud, differences between it and the Babylonian Talmud, the complexity of defining oral law, basic categories of oral law, the differences between the development of Torah law vs. other ANE law codes, what Israel understood that no other nation did, community customs, judging those who keep the oral torah, and what is in “God’s tefillin”?

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Hebrew In Israel | Biblical Calendar – Learn Torah


Sit in on our group Bible Class as Yoel teaches on the ancient calendars of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Israel, including the Qumran calendar and the Hillel II calendar.  

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Hebrew In Israel | Aviv Barley, New Moon, Passover – Learn Torah


In this episode Yoel talks with Jono Vandor of about the aviv barley search, the new moon sighting, and how they relate to the biblical Hebrew calendar, the new year, and Pesach (Passover).

Hebrew In Israel | 1Samuel and the Ark – Learn Torah

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As in many cases, the stories we get in the Tanakh were chosen to reflect important or selected items for future generations.  We can learn something from each story, and even though they are accounts of something from the past, one can find ideas which will fit our times.

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Hebrew In Israel | Purim – Learn Torah


Why is Purim misunderstood?

Before reading this it is important for the reader to understand that sometimes one must be critical of things.  When I see what some people do with Purim, it shows how little they focus on the meaning of what happened.  None of what I say here is intended to offend anyone, but rather to give a better understanding of how Purim is misunderstood.

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Hebrew In Israel | Woman Of Valour – Learn Torah


We all know the famous “Eshet Chayil” of Proverbs 31:10.  Commonly it is translated as “Woman of Valour” to indicate great deeds.  The text does go ahead and give us a long list of deeds which this woman does.  The same attribute is also used to describe men of great deeds such as Exodus 18:21.

Hebrew In Israel | Horns – Learn Torah

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Many words in Hebrew can have several meanings which are based on context.  Here is a case of one word which in time became a symbol for bad things, such as demonic powers and the devil, when originally it was used to describe good things.

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