Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages Part 4 – Learn Torah

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Join us in this series from, as Yoel and Jeff Gilbert explore the history and usage of the Oral Torah.  In Part 4 we move from the canonization of the Tanakh to the explosion of literature in the Second Temple period by examining the validity of the chain of Oral Torah and the divisive effect of multiculturalization on Judeans, creating the Pharissees, Saducees and Essenes.  

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Hebrew In Israel | Shavuot: An Historical Perspective – Learn Torah


Yoel continues the discussion of Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) by expounding on the debate over counting the Omer.  Learn about the factors in the language, history and social structure surrounding this debate.  

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Hebrew In Israel | What is Lashon Hara? – Learn Torah

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The Torah, in Leviticus 19:16, states:

 לֹא-תֵלֵךְ רָכִיל בְּעַמֶּיךָ

“Do not go around spreading slander among your people…”

This verse has always been understood to deal with the prohibition of spreading gossip inside the covenantal community of Torah.  Unfortunately, throughout the years there has been a massive abuse of this law, reaching a point where people would use the claim that something is “lashon hara” (literally meaning “evil tongue” or “evil speech”) as a tool to silence people when their statements are uncomfortable for the listener.  This, unfortunately, is an incorrect interpretation of the law and is, in truth, a demagogy.

Hebrew In Israel |Torah Throughout the Ages Part 3 – Learn Torah

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Join us in this series from, as Yoel and Jeff Gilbert explore the history and usage of the Oral Torah.  In Part 3 we go in depth into the canonization of the Tanakh, and specifically the issues with the Document Hypothesis.

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Hebrew In Israel | Holiness – Learn Torah

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Sit in on another segment from our weekly Hebrew Bible class as Yoel expounds on the concept of Holiness.

  • What is holiness in the realm of man versus the realm of God?
  • Can Holiness Be Felt?
  • Are things still holy if the presence of God has left?

Hebrew In Israel | Beards – Learn Torah

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Beards have been an integral part of the world since, well, since man.  In the Tanakh we find several interesting passages that deal with beards, and I want to touch on some of them here.

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Hebrew In Israel | Saul: Judge or King? – Learn Torah

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One of the problems facing historians is the transition from one era of history to another.  The seam between points in time creates in some cases hybrid points which become a point of contention between historians over the definition of things.  

Hebrew In Israel | When was Hannah’s prayer answered? – Learn Torah

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In the amazing and beautiful story of the birth of Shmuel, we are presented with the powerful prayer of his mother Hannah.

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Hebrew In Israel | Is The Chicken Kosher? – Learn Torah

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“Is The Chicken Kosher” is a look into what we know about the consumption of the fowl in history.  Does it appear in the Tanakh?  When did people start eating it?  Who were they?  Where did the chicken come from and does it appear in the list of forbidden birds?  And in overall, how do we determine what is clean and unclean in a list of names which can change in meaning through time?

Hebrew In Israel | Meat and Milk – Learn Torah

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