Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages Part 21 – Learn Torah

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In Part 21, Yoel and Jeff bring the discussion into the modern era; still several hundred years back in time from today, and the series is nearly complete.

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Hebrew In Israel | Joshua’s Altar at Mount Eval – Learn Torah

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Yoel brings us the setting, background and a walk-through of the discovery of Joshua’s altar on Mt. Eval and how it matches up to the biblical description.


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Hebrew In Israel | Why The Left Arm? – Learn Torah

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I was asked the following question, and I thought it contained an important point in regards to Hebrew spelling:

Q:  Why is the tefillin on the left arm?  Is it in the Hebrew Bible or is it oral tradition?

Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages Part 20 – Learn Torah

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In Part 20, Yoel and Jeff begin the discussion on the pre-modern age of our current day Judaism.

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Hebrew In Israel | Father and Honour – Learn Torah

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In the book of Kings the text gives us the following description of a lament Elisha called out after Elijah was taken away:

וֶאֱלִישָׁע רֹאֶה, וְהוּא מְצַעֵק אָבִי אָבִי רֶכֶב יִשְׂרָאֵל וּפָרָשָׁיו, וְלֹא רָאָהוּ, עוֹד; וַיַּחֲזֵק, בִּבְגָדָיו, וַיִּקְרָעֵם, לִשְׁנַיִם קְרָעִים

Elisha saw this and cried out, “My father! My father! The chariots and horsemen of Israel!”  And Elisha saw him no more. Then he took hold of his garment and tore it in two. 2Kings 2:12

Elisha calls out as a sign of mourning over the loss of his mentor and calls him “Father”.  The same is done when Elisha dies and the king also calls him Father.  Though we are looking at two different types of leaders, the shared form of lamenting can teach us about the practice at the time.

Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages Part 19 – Learn Torah

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How involved is God in our personal, everyday lives?   Yoel and Jeff discuss this issue intertwined with an education on Maimonides (Rambam) and his writings, in episode 19 of 22 in our Oral Torah series.

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Hebrew In Israel | Shabbat – Learn Torah

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After speaking at various times and in various venues on the subject of Shabbat, Yoel pulls this information together into one place, answering the common questions about this commandment.

Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages Part 18 – Learn Torah

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Yoel and Jeff discuss the Sanhedrin: Its nature, its origin, its authority and its recent ruling about the New Moon sighting by two witnesses.   Also, the extremely significant contributions of Rabbeinu Chananel, Rif, Rashi and the Ba’alei HaTosafot.

Hebrew In Israel | Eliyahu At Mount Carmel – Learn Torah

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Yoel recounts and fleshes out the already powerful and fascinating story of Eliyahu’s encounter with King Achav and the 450 prophets of Ba’al at Mount Carmel, addressing certain difficulties in the text.

Hebrew In Israel | Torah Throughout the Ages Part 17 – Learn Torah

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Yoel and Jeff discuss the Gaonite period of writings; the 600-1200ce period where, aside from the mishna and talmud, we have the “explosion of pure Jewish literature that is the continuation of completely Pharisaic thought.”

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