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Hebrew In Israel | Joshua’s Altar at Mount Eval – Learn Torah

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Yoel brings us the setting, background and a walk-through of the discovery of Joshua’s altar on Mt. Eval and how it matches up to the biblical description.


Photo By Yoel Halevi

Hebrew In Israel | Hazor – Learn Torah

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From Hebrew In Israel on YouTube; A visit to the biblical city of Hazor which is mentioned in the book of Joshua.

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Hebrew In Israel | Enter The Temple – Learn Torah

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In 2013 I had the pleasure of studying archaeology under Dr. Chaya Katz of the Open U, and do archaeological studies in actual sites under Dr. Amit Dagan of the Bar-Illan U.  One of the sites we studied was Khirbet Qeiyafa near the the Elah Valley.  On the site Dr. Yoseph Garfinkel has discovered portable temples made of clay which might represent temples which were common in Israel.  If this is true, we might be looking at a prototype temple which was used as the model for the Temple of Solomon.

Hebrew In Israel | Yoqne’am-Image of a Levitical City – Learn Torah

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Yoqne’am is a less known Tel (artificial mound) which sits just outside of the modern Yoqne’am of today near the eastern slope of Mount Carmel in the land of the tribe of Zevulun.  The city can be dated to the Early bronze age, and is mentioned in Egyptian writings under the name ‘aqne’am. The city sat next to the ancient “Way of the sea” (now road 70) which was one of the main roads which connected the east and the west.


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