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The word Olam עולם is one of those words that keeps on showing up.  Most commonly it is known from the blessings used in Judaism “אלהינו מלך העולם”-Elohenu Melekh HaOlam (Our God, King of the Universe).  However, Olam in Biblical Hebrew actually has a temporal meaning.  Originally, it actually meant “eternal”, such as the combination of לעולם ועד-LeOlam Va’ed (forever).  It can be used to indicate the past such as כל ימי עולם-all the days of the past, or future as the example given above.  In Ugaritic we find combinations such as “mlk ‘lm-eternal king” or ” ‘m ‘lm-to eternity”.
Sources:  Kedari.M, BH Dictionary pp.782-783Gordon.C, UT 1858, pp.456-457


Originally Published:  1 August 2016

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