Hebrew Interrogative Pronouns

Hebrew Interrogative Pronouns

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מַה/ מֶהmah/meh  What 
לָמָּה lāmāh WhyWith preposition ל to indicate direction of speech
כַּמָּה kammāh How muchWith preposition כ to indicate likeness
בַּמָּה/ בַּמֶּה bammāh/bameh  With whatWith preposition ב to indicate instrumental use
מָתַי mātay WhenThis preposition is its own form which appears in many Semitic languages.
מִי Who/whom 
לְמִי To whomWith preposition ל to indicate direction of speech
כְּמִי Like whomWith preposition כ to indicate likeness
בְּמִי By/within whomWith preposition ב to indicate instrumental use
אַיֵּה WhereCore form uses אי with combinations
אַיֶּכָּה Where are you (masculine, unattested in feminine)  
אֵיפֹה WhereBasic אי+פה (here)
אָן Where 
אֵיךְ How 
אֵיכָה How (maybe poetic) 
הֲ Basic form 
הַ Before gutturals or regular consonants with shva
הֶ Before gutturals with Qamats

Relative pronouns

אֲשֶׁר That/which
שֶׁ That/which
כִּי That/which (note that this word is used with more meanings)

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