Hebrew In Israel | Is The Chicken Kosher? – Learn Torah

"...ten fattened oxen, twenty pasture-fed oxen and one hundred sheep, in addition to deer, gazelles, roebucks and fattened poultry." 1Kings 5:3

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Hebrew In Israel | Is The Chicken Kosher? – Learn Torah

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“Is The Chicken Kosher” is a look into what we know about the consumption of the fowl in history.  Does it appear in the Tanakh?  When did people start eating it?  Who were they?  Where did the chicken come from and does it appear in the list of forbidden birds?  And in overall, how do we determine what is clean and unclean in a list of names which can change in meaning through time?

The verse in 1Kings is 5:3 and not 5:2. I also said that Khirbet Kiyafa is Beit She’arim, when I actually meant Sha’arayim.

The use if the word שכוי Sikhvi as chicken can be found in the book Sefer HaRazim: http://www.hebrew.grimoar.cz/merkava/sefer_ha-razim.htm

Indications of chicken in 1st temple Judea can be found here: https://dokumen.tips/documents/early-records-of-the-domestic-fowl-in-ancient-judea.html

My thanks to Nehemiah Gordon for pointing these to sources.



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