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He erected the columns in the hall of the temple; on erecting the right column he gave it the name “Yakhin,” and on erecting the left column he named it “Bo‘az.” 1 Kings 7:21

Hebrew In Israel | Haftarah Vayaqhel – Learn Torah

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He made two capitals of melted bronze to set on the tops of the columns; each capital was eight-and-three-quarters feet high; he also made checker-work nets and chained wreaths, seven for the top of each capital. ”  Is there a spiritual meaning to the technical parts of the biblical text?  We look at how to understand text and the PARDES approach in this week’s haftarah Vayaqhel.

Haftarah Vayaqhel:  1 Kings 7:13-26

Hebrew In Israel intro music: Çeçen Kizi by SeyyahEzek

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