Hebrew In Israel | Be A Real Man-Gever and Gibor – Learn Torah

Hebrew In Israel | Be A Real Man-Gever and Gibor – Learn Torah

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There is an old saying in Jewish sources:
איזהו גיבור? הכובש את יצרו
Eyzhe Hu Gibor? Hakovesh Et Ytsro
Who is a hero? He who overcomes his will.

The word גיבור-Gibor is from the root גבר which means “to overcome” and “strength/power”.  It is also used in Hebrew to describe the word “man”.  A Hero is a person who has the mental ability to overcome his fears and own will to do what is right.  A true man is the same; a man is he who overcomes himself and does what is required of him.  He is not driven by selfish ideology of only taking care of himself and showing himself off like a peacock.  He strives to do better for others and help those who need help.  The bible uses this word to describe people who did impressive actions which placed them high in the eyes of men, and is also used to describe the great deeds of God.

The abstract term for Heroism is גבורה-G’vorah which is also derived from the same root.
 Another word which appears in conjunction with the word Gibor is חיל-Chayil (the same as Eshet Chayil in Proverbs).  Chayil in general means deeds or possessions, and probably it represents that a person with possessions has worked hard to get them, and therefore a person of many and great deeds.
Originally Published:  22 February 2016

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