Biblical History

Fear Of Isaac?

“May the God of Abraham and the God of Nahor, the God of their father, judge between us.” So Jacob took an oath in the name of the Fear of his father Isaac.”  Gen 31:53




Clothing And Vanity

In Genesis 37:3, the Torah tells us that Jacob gave Joseph a – כְּתֹנֶת פַּסִּים KToNet PaSSiM the nature of which has baffled many people.  In reading on this subject I have found several interesting opinions:







Worship?Worship, bow down

Probably one of the more misunderstood verbs is להשתחוות.  This verb has been translated as “to worship”, which has spun many ideas which are not true.




FlourSolet, Flour in the bible, fine flour

While preparing for my weekly Tanakh class, I came across a word which had an interesting memory for me.  The word is סלת-Solet, and is associated mostly with Temple service.  In modern Hebrew Solet usually means Semolina, however in the past it probably had a different meaning.  As I have demonstrated in the past, words can change meaning as time progresses.



Nehemiah 8:15 and Sukkotsukkot, four species, feast of tabernacles

I have for many years dealt with the subject of the four species of Leviticus 23:40, and how they are understood in rabbinic interpretation.  This discussion is closely tied to Nehemiah 8:15, a verse that might mean that the four species mentioned in Lev 23 are to be used for building the sukkah.  This is the Karaite and Samaritan understanding, but I want to point out some things before people reject the traditional rabbinic interpretation.  I will admit that there are problems with the rabbinic opinion, but there are fewer issues with it than the Karaite opinion.


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