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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Miqetz – Learn Torah

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Joseph’s story gives us several nuggets worthy of examination in this week’s Torah Portion, Miqetz (at the end).

Hebrew In Israel | Haftarah Miqetz – Learn Torah

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“All Isra’el heard of the decision the king had made and held the king in awe, for they saw that God’s wisdom was in him, enabling him to render justice properly.”

The wisdom given by YHWH connects Yosef in our Torah portion with this week’s Haftarah Miqetz in the famous story of King Solomon.

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Hebrew In Israel | Keeping Hanukkah – Learn Torah

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The following article is not intended to be a research paper, nor is it a final word on the matter.  It is rather to be taken as musing over a question which bothers many Torah keepers who do not heed to everything Judaism has to offer.  As an orthodox raised Jew I have always pondered about Hanukkah and why it is celebrated.  As a trained historian, the history of what happened is well known to me.  However, the history of the Halakhik development (Jewish law) of things is much more obscure.

Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Vayeshev – Learn Torah

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With a quick return to last week’s portion to address the tomb of Rachel, Yoel presents metaphors from Yosef’s life of exile and servitude, as well as technical elements in the story of Tamar and Yehuda in this week’s Torah Portion, Vayeshev (and He dwelt).

Hebrew In Israel | Haftarah Vayeshev – Learn Torah

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Of all the families on earth, only you have I intimately known.  This is why I will punish you
for all your crimes.

We discuss oppression–what it is and what it isn’t–as we approach Amos’ prophecy of wisdom, counsel and correction against Israel in this week’s haftarah Vayeshev.

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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Vayishlakh – Learn Torah

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Ya’aqov becomes Israel in this week’s Torah Portion, Vayishlakh (He sent), and it teaches us many profound lessons.

Hebrew In Israel | Haftarah Vayishlach – Learn Torah

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“When that Day comes,” says YHWHwon’t I destroy all the wise men of Edom
and leave no discernment on Mount ‘Esav?”

The prophet Ovadiah gives only one prophecy and it’s not to Israel.  We learn about the Edomites in this week’s haftarah Vayishlach.


Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Vayetse – Learn Torah

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From inheritance issues to polygamy to bizarre genetic engineering, this week’s Torah Portion, Vayetse (He went out) tells us about the life of Ya’aqov.

Hebrew In Israel | Haftarah Vayetse – Learn Torah

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“Return, Isra’el, to YHWH your God, for your guilt has made you stumble.”

Did you know there was a god who retired?  From our Hoshea series, Jeff and Yoel discuss the Israelites’ understanding of Canaanite/Phoenecian gods El and Ba’al, and the effect on their relationship with YHWH.  Also, Hosea 12:14 leads to an intriguing discussion of Moses, Malachi and Elijah.

Hebrew In Israel | Was Esav Really Wronged – Learn Torah

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Was Esav really wronged?

The following article asks the question of what were the legal grounds in Bereshit 27:1-28:5 for the removal of the blessings from Esav to Ya’aqov.

The story of Ya’aqov taking away the blessing of the first-born from Esav seems to be an immoral act on the part of Ya’aqov.  Being a man of the tents, one would assume Ya’aqov would have had a much more moral path of life, and would have not agreed to his mother’s command.  However, when looking into the practices of inheritance, we actually find that what was done was in complete compliance with law and custom.

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