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Hebrew In Israel is dedicated to teaching the general public concepts of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical studies.

We offer online classes in Hebrew and Biblical studies in a flexible and dynamic system to fit the needs of the individual student.  We do our best to search for the best information on Hebrew, Biblical Studies, Biblical History, Archeology and more from verified and trustworthy sources.  We also conduct our own research and publish them on the site.

  • Start learning basic and advanced concepts of Biblical Hebrew from a university accredited teacher with a degree in History of Antiquity and Biblical Studies (Open University of Israel).  
  • Look into the articles on the page. Be exposed to the amazing world of the Bible from its Hebrew and near eastern setting. 
  • Learn how to read and work on your understanding of one of the oldest text in the world still in use to this very day.  We offer videos on specific texts, history of the Bible, Biblical law, narrative, poetry and more.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

From Israel,
Yoel Halev

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Donation made to this site are possible only in the form of PayPal services and not as personal payments. This is due to different law standard in Israel which do not permit personal payments for Israel. If you are interested to send a donation it will be considered as a payment and a receipt will be produced for it.

Our Services

The information offered in these classes are designed to develop a good understanding of Hebrew grammar, together with developing in the student the tools to learn correctly. These classes go beyond simple reading, and teach the student how to approach Hebrew in the correct way. CLICK HERE for more information!

Bible Class

The class is done in a virtual class room with multiple participants. We meet on Sundays at 1:15pm US eastern, or 8:15pm Israel time. You do not need to know Hebrew for this class, and you also recive a recording of the classes every month.

Stage One

All the basics of Hebrew Reading, Writing Vocabulary

Stage Two

Morphological elements in the nominal system and verbal system while studying segments from the Hebrew bible.

Stage Three

Syntax: Sentence topology Idioms, Legal forms and so on.

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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Shemot – Learn Torah

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We present midrashic, historic, archaeological and cultural aspects to several points in this week's Torah Portion Shemot (names). Read More

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Hebrew In Israel | Haftarah Shemot – Learn Torah

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"‘I passed by and saw you there, wallowing in your own blood; and as you lay in your blood I said to you, “Live!”" There are three traditional readings for haftarah Shemot.  We will examine the Yemenite traditional reading from Ezekiel 16. Read More

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Hebrew In Israel | 1 Samuel, Part 9 – Learn Torah

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"The Spirit of God fell on Sha’ul when he heard this; blazing furiously with anger..." Chapter 11 of 1Samuel gives us the positive side of having a king. Why was the first king of Israel still plowing his own field? And where did the people of Jabesh-Gilead come from

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What Our Clients Say

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I love it too. There's a great balance between information on Hebrew language & grammar, literary style of the text, the culture of the time in which it was written, context of words, etc. It's awesome.



The class is great, for people of any learning style. I am jewish and I am learning things I was never taught, Yoel does a great job, has great patience and good style of teaching.



I could not be happier with the progress I’ve made while learning Biblical Hebrew from Yoel . Before finding Yoel, I had wasted a lot of time and money trying various books, DVD’s, classes and seminars, all promising to make learning Biblical Hebrew easy. Sadly, none of them worked. Then, I found Yoel. Yoel tailored the classes to my pace of learning. He used a textbook and the Tanach as the foundation for his teaching, but he included so much more in his program. Yoel has a vast knowledge of the history, culture, and religion of the Middle East and of the philology of Ancient Semitic languages (including Proto-Hebrew). A lifelong student, he has gathered hundreds of books, most written only in Hebrew. It is rare to find an instructor that is really passionate about the subject he’s teaching. If you are looking for a great personalized way to learn Biblical Hebrew and to be able to search the Torah for its treasures, then Yoel is the teacher for you.



As an English speaker I came into studies with Yoel thinking I would just be able to learn the Hebrew language and be able to pick up a text and begin reading and comprehending. How naïve I was. One does not just learn the Hebrew language! You must also grasp some of the culture, history, and context that the Scriptures were written in. Over the course of two and a half years this is what we did. Learning the grammar was a huge part of our studies but Yoel was not afraid to deviate from the lesson to discuss historical accounts, scriptural references or other sources. Every time we discussed a new subject it opened up so many new avenues to other subjects. Then I began to realized that I could take lessons from Yoel for ten years and there would still be more to learn. But what Yoel has given me are the tools and mindset needed to continue my studies alone. During the course of our lessons Yoel became more than just my Hebrew tutor, he became a friend and a mentor. If you're looking for a professional and adaptive way of studying biblical Hebrew Yoel and "Hebrew in Israel" are the way to go!



I was a student of Hebrew in Israel for two years. Yoel is a gifted and patient teacher. Not only did he teach me the language, but he also spent a great deal of time customizing lessons straight from the biblical text for me. I was a challenging student - I wanted to learn about the Psalms so he studied up and taught me what he learned from books written in modern Hebrew - books that I would otherwise not have access to. When I completed the basics textbook, we moved on to a textbook on syntax because I wanted to learn more. Yoel can teach you as quickly or as slowly as you need, and if you do your part and study, you will learn a great deal from him. And you just may end up with a friend in the process. If you are thinking of taking lessons from him, make it happen. You will not regret it!

Rebecca - Texas, US


If you want personal , customized, one on one instruction in Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew in Israel is the way to go. As a student for almost 2 years I can attest that this far exceeded any expectation I had.

Anthony - Arizona, US

Meet Our Team


Yoel Halevi/Historian/Bible Scholar

Yoel holds a B.A in History of Antiquity and Biblical Studies from the Open University of Israel. He is currently studying biblical studies in the M.A. research program at Haifa university and is part of the research team of Scripta Qumranica Electronica. Yoel lives in Northern Israel with his beautiful family, teaches Biblical Hebrew online, and is the owner of Hebrew In Israel.

Join My Group Bible Class TODAY!

The class is done in a virtual class room with multiple participants. We meet on Sundays at 11:45am US eastern, or 6:45pm Israel time. You do not need to know Hebrew for this class, and you also receive a recording of the classes every month. For the link and how to join, click the More Info Button to email us.