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"Here is the history of Noach. In his generation, Noach was a man righteous and wholehearted; Noach walked with God." Bereshit 6:9

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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Noach – Learn Torah

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Who stole my bible?!  In this week’s torah portion, Noach (Noah), Yoel further addresses the claim that parts of the Tanakh were stolen from other cultures and writings by examining elements of the account of the flood.

Torah Portion Noach: Genesis 6:9 – 11:32


Questions And Topics In This Podcast

  • Who Is Noah?
  • The character of God and why the flood was sent
  • Time Frames in the Flood Account
  • What was Ham’s sin against his father?



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October 18, 2017 at 2:29 pm

Very common sense approach to Noah, Thank you for sharing the parallels between the other origin stories. I Have started to think of it like this. All people like you said before the flood shared that common experience and that’s why it refelect in multiple traditions. I wonder if since Adam who I would say had the closest thing to God as a father son relationship at least compared to the normal person’s experience, I wonder if since that time every generation religion we’ll call it the act of paying respect to the divine didn’t get farther and farther from God. All religion has sacrifices of some sort i wonder if this is not another example of your principle of collective experience. Once again thanks for what you do!

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