Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Acharey Mot – Learn Torah

"יהוה spoke with Moshe after the death of Aharon’s two sons, when they tried to sacrifice before יהוה and died;" Vayiqra 16:1

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Hebrew In Israel | Torah Portion Acharey Mot – Learn Torah

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In this week’s first Torah portion, Acharey Mot (after the death), Yoel walks us through the procedures and insights connected to Yom Hakippurim (Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement).

Torah Portion Acharey Mot:  Leviticus 16:1 – 20:27

Questions and Topics in this Discussion:

  • The Organization of Holiness and Purity Laws
  • Yom Hakippurim (Day of Atonements) Day of Sorrow or Day of Joy?
  • Cleansing The Temple
  • Corporate vs. Individual Forgiveness
  • The Cohen Gadol’s (High Priest’s) Procedure
  • Azazel

Other Teachings Mentioned In This Podcast

Holiness     Shabbat The Queen?     Azazel

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