Hebrew In Israel | Weekly Hebrew Bible Class on Passover – Learn Torah

Exodus 12:1-14

Hebrew In Israel | Weekly Hebrew Bible Class on Passover – Learn Torah

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Take a detailed stroll through the opening verses of Exodus 12 as Yoel teaches this Passover text to the weekly group Hebrew Bible Class.  You will hear the Hebrew text read, translated and explained according to the ancient culture.

Topics and Questions in this Teaching

  • Are we to practice Passover exactly like the Exodus?
  • Samaritan Passover practices
  • Second Temple Passover procedures
  • Who does the father’s household include?
  • When is “Between The Evenings”?
  • Is the Pesach an actual sacrifice?
  • Leftovers or no Leftovers?
  • What does the term Pesach (Passover) actually mean?
  • What Counts as a Bitter Herb?

Other Teachings Mentioned in this Recording

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Sue Potgieter

April 13, 2017 at 1:32 pm

Yoel, from a physiological point of view, bitter herbs eg rocket (arugula), watercress stimulate the vagus nerve which causes the release of stomach acid and enzymes in preparation for the arrival of food. As meat can be difficult to digest, could it be that the provision of bitter herbs was purely a digestive aid, considering they had to be prepared to travel? Just a thought from a Naturopathic Nutritionist!!

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